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At Finish Line Delivery, we are Hot Shot experts.  The term Hot
Shot is synonymous with words such as critical, expedited,
express, immediate, rush and urgent.  

We have had dependable expedited experience in the Reno area
since 1997, and are ready to serve your urgent transport needs
throughout Nevada and into Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho,
Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

We can deliver anything as small as an envelope or as large as a
piece of equipment weighing 10,000 pounds.  With four-wheel
drive vans and trucks included in our fleet, we are able to
complete your rush delivery regardless of inclement weather or
challenging driving conditions.
Doing Business In Reno Since 1997
Finish Line Delivery:  Hot Shot, Air Freight and Courier Experts
Serving Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho,Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah,
Washington, and Wyoming
Dunn & Bradstreet
On Request
Hot Shot Trucking
Hot Shot Trucking is commonly referred as expedited delivery of
time sensitive freight usually using vans, straight trucks, and trailers
that are not  full-sized tractor trailers.  These vehicles are on a
standby basis to be called on duty anytime of the day.  Hot shot
trucking can carry all types of loads and can travel anywhere.  
Many times our hot shot loads are specialty freight that are needed
as soon as possible.   Other times some manufacturers and
warehouses have small loads or specialty freight that does not
require the need for a full-sized tractor trailer.  This is where Finish
Line Delivery can help your company to delivery your loads across
the 11 Western states and save your company money since we do
not operate full-sized tractor trailers.